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About Us

At Announce World, we share stories that explore human emotions, make you laugh, infuse hope, and share love. Through our stories, we start impactful conversations that we hope you will continue, and will eventually inspire growth.

Announce kids tells simple, relatable stories that focus on children but are relevant to any age. 

Announce World - Imagination to reality


Ebele Bright

Ebele Bright

Ebele 'Ebee' Bright writes books that help children feel loved, hopeful, secure and empowered to enjoy and flourish in life. She founded Announce World to share beautiful stories with both children and adults, inspired by the truths and life lessons she is passing on to her daughters. Her children’s picture books are perfect for children aged 3-8, parents, teachers and anyone who has an influence on kids. They encourage deeper conversation with children. She is also a music making, song-writing, dancing wife and mother of two.

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